TDS continous monitor for Cooling tower


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Melissa D'Andrea

new to all this. I need a Total Dissolved Solids (hence Conductivity) monitor for a cooling tower. The TDS then allows them to track their PM. What parts would I need? Anyone know some good vendors?

There are several companies who specialize in instrumentation for cooling towers.

You _can_ use any conductivity meter, but I strongly recommend that you work with one of the companies who do this work all day long:

LMI Liquid Metronics Inc.
H E Anderson Co.
Advantage Controls
Aquatrac Inc.

There are obviously other people who make conductivity meters, and have used them in cooling tower treatment and boiler water treatment, but these people concentrate on that market.

Other companies with extensive lines of conductivity meters include

ElectroChemical Devices
ABB (used to be TBI-Bailey)
Honeywell (used to be L&N)

and some more.


Walt Boyes
Contributing Editor
Flow Control magazine