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> And, in India, Engineers make about $ 500-1,000 per month. > Any wonder that Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and others are > moving developments to India (and other Far East places)? Who told ? In India a control Engr. normally get far less i.e. ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 Rs. per month or US$ 250 ~ 600. > What is the essential and intrinsic difference in the > quality of engineering - and innovation - in the 3 countries > named? No it's the cost of living and availability of man power, which matters.
>Dear Jim, ><snip> >Is there other reason for the iron curtain around U.S.A.? > >Cheers from Siberia. > Vladimir Vladimir, It's now known as the "Green Curtain", and it's made of paper. Regards, Willy

Vladimir E. Zyubin

Hello Willy, Yes, "iron" is an hyperbola... (and was an hyperbola ;-) I know the bullets the Mexicans get are made of lead... :-| So, the "iron curtain" consists of the "lead curtain" and the "green curtain"... at least... A typical example of multi-level defence system... :) But. The main idea was the problem is not in the quality... as it seems if we look at the assertion of Mr. Pinto... It is just a mere assertion... like all other propagandistic ones. Just a couple of interconnected topics I would like to hear opinnions about: 1. There is no such a thing as free market in the USA (labour is an article of trade... ashmen's or programmer's it has no difference) 2. There is the "MMM-syndrome" problem - when investments make a pseudo-profit that leads to new cycle of investments (the case of IT ;-) 3. There is the "brain leak" problem as a specific type of investments 4. There is internet(opportunity of remoting job)... for large segment of automation it would lead to... changes. I mean an ashman can not both live in Mexica and work in the USA, but programmer can do it easily... e.g., he can live in Pekin and work for Siemens... So, maybe, as well as light industry, programming(and IT) have to move to China. Have a nice day. Vladimir