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N M Hulgi

Hi All,

Recently I tried to install Tecnomatix MES 4 on my machine. Installation of server and client went well without any error messages, but as I started to install Production Manufacturing Portal, the installation wizard was asking for Reporting Services 2005 where reporting services was installed along with SQL Server 2005. If somebody has tried installing Tecnomatix MES (irrespective of the version), kindly reply to my mail id
narsimha.hulgi @ gmail. com

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Gustavo A. Valero P.


The best way to install Tecnomatix MES (called "Xfactory" before) is to follow the next steps:

1) Install MS SQL Server
2) Install SQL Server Reporting Services (it should come with CD of SQL Server, otherwise, ask it for Tecnomatix).
3) Install Tecnomatix MES
4) Install Production Manufacturing Portal (these are reports created by using SQL Server Reporting Services via MS Visual Studio .Net 2003 or higher).

Also, you can choose the steps 1, 3, 2 and later the step 4!

Be careful, you must use the right version of Reporting Services according to version of your MS SQL Server (Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Developer Edition or Evaluation Edition), you can't mix them.

I hope it solves you problem.


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