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Dear list members, I would like to know if there is any concern for telemesure & telecontrol plant units (Engines, generators, SCADA systems, PID controllers etc) by firms' HQ, with the use of WWW , instead of sending specialists on the spot for software updates or any service that could be done from long distance. Are you aware if this technology is already in use and who is dealing with? Thank you in advance for your time & intrest Emmanuel Psyrides Automation Control Engineer-TEI of Pireus (GR)

Curt Wuollet

The technology for this is widely available for other types of systems. The automation vendors won't adopt it until they can find some way to make a buck from it. All my Linux based testers can be remotely serviced and monitored. Files and displays can be replicated across the link. This is inherent in Linux Actual control over the web is a no brainer to do as anything that can be done over Ethernet and TCP/IP can be done across the web. There are many problems to be solved with latency and all the vagarities of a public network. It should be usable for suitable applications, say environmental control or other processes where a temporary interruption won't kill people. The cell I am currently working on is, by design, runnable from any building we own on a private network, To do that across the net would be trivial, a socket is a socket. To ensure that it would work 24x7x365 is the non-trivial part. The boxes are much more reliable than the ISP's. Regards cww