Telemecanique PL7-3 OS 2


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I need assistance in online offline programming with Telemecaniques OS2 PL7-3 Software.
Have tried Schneiders, and manuals but am still at a loss.
Could someone send a "cheatsheet", simple flowchart or similar.



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Could you explain your problem with PL7-3 ?
I could help you. Which document do you need ?
With PL7-3, you could choose your language (ladder, or grafcet or litteral). Ladder is very simple but not powerfull. With grafcet you could
write a sequence, but you can't modify it in online mode (add or delete a step). So i think that the litteral language is the best choice.
It look like basic and is very powerfull and easy to write a program.

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sudhir dembi

You will have to buy it from your nearest Schneier office or delaer it called XTEL Pack it avialbale in CD format.
Apologies for not replying sooner. Thanks for your help, once I started XTEL a whole new world opened up for me. The CPU is V5, programmed in both Grafcet and Litteral.

Have a great XMas and NewYear