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Rob Pettit

The Telemecanique TeSys LULC031 Modbus module is an option you can use to communicate with and control a TeSys U-Line starter. I have installed over 300 of these, and have had problems with not receiving a running signal from the LULC031 module. Has Anyone else experienced this, or am I the only one?

Albert Olive

Hello friend,

The LULC031 module is not the actual Modbus communication module that offers Schneider to their customers.

In the past I worked with this modules and I had some problems with electrical noise (auto-sense), but the Run signal always worked good. Telemecanique offered me the new LULC033 that improve the inmmunity level because the auto-sense is better with this module. The black terminal connector is different than LULC031 module (the voltage inputs are differents) but the registers and options are the same.

Actually I'm working with Modbus projects and LULC033 communication modules. Also I had projects with CanOpen network and TesysU (LULC08 communication module) and the result was better than LULC033 (quickly response from TesysU and very fast monitoring).

Maybe your problem is a firmware problem.

I hope this e-mail can clarify something...
Hi Albert,

Thank you for your reply.

I did not realize that Schneider no longer offered the LULC031 module until I looked for it in the latest Digest catalog. I will ask my distributor why they did not suggest the LULC033 as a replacement.

The problem we have is only the running bit in the register. All other data is read. The auto-sense and read/write seems to work very well.
What we found is the switch on the circuit board that sets the running bit would fail. You can see the switch levers from the bottom of the module that mate with levers that protrude from the power base. After removing a failed module from the power base, using a pen or a small screwdriver to actuate the switches, the running switch would not click at all. When they are new out of the box, both switched make a very pronounced click.

Again, Thank you for you reply,
and good luck with your projects.

Albert Olive

Hi Rob,

I had some problems with the plastic levels too and LULC031.

Be careful if you need replace LULC031 and LULC033. I told you the wiring of the black terminal is different and some Power Bases of TesysU don't support LULC033. The LULC033 is the substitute of LULC031. BE CAREFUL if you need to bring a LULC031 with problems because you could have problems with the change. (It's not a direct change... isn't a plug&play solution 50% of the time).

Also the LULC033 can control TesysU controllers + TesysU starters.

Another question... Who is the Modbus Master? Schneider PLC? Other? I have applications with Premium PLCs and Unity software to work with special DFBs (TesysU DFBs) and manage your TesysU network easily.

My best wishes from Barcelona...
Hi Albert,

I did read the compatibility list for the LULC033, and they will work in the power bases I have. I will need to make some changes to the terminal block wiring.

The Master in our systems are Schneider's Quantum 43412A PLC over Ethernet connected to the starters via Schneider's (Square D) EGX200 Ethernet to serial bridge.

Thanks again.

Albert Olive

Hello again Rob,

I made projects with Quantum PLCs and Modbus RTU networks as you. Actually when I need to work with Modbus gateways I'm working with EGX100 (SquareD) or ETG100 (Telemecanique) because the manage of the internal data buffer is better than EGX200 (for me... of course).

My actual projects with Quantum/Premium and new M340 was made with a Spanish tool that generate the Unity code (TesysU DFBs, local variables, animation tables and operator screens). The generation of Unity Code only takes 30 seconds (or less) of my time. If you want, please send me your e-mail address and I will send you one .XEF file with a project to work with your Quantum CPU, EGX200 and the number of TesysU starters that you need.

Best wishes from Barcelona.