Telemecanique TSX 17


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Steve Ashcroft

Hi There

i need help with my telemecanique tsx 17; has no run lights showing although the unit has 24V supply. Is there an internal fuse fitted?
Hope this is still useful. but when one of mine did this, I found a 330 k ohm resistor on the power supply board was open. It's about a 1 or 2 watt resistor.

There is an internal 20mm fuse, but mine was ok.

If you check across the resistor with an ohmmeter, you should find around 330k ohm. Mine read near infinity.

CAUTION: Make sure that the big electrolytic capacitor is discharged! I found mine would hold a charge for a long time, since it had no way to discharge, other than leakage thru the cap, with that 330k resistor open.

Good luck!