Telemechanique connection to an Omron Plc


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Vincent lawlor

I am currently working on setting up a Unitelway network. I have succesfully joined two slaves to the network, ive done plenty of testing and to be honest im well a head of schedual.

As part of this project, I have to do a comparison on my network and that which exists on a F.M.S 200 training production line.The emphisis being on communications Speeds, efficiency Etc.

To spice things up i am intrested in looking into how, or maybe it is already possible, to add an omron plc to my network. I guess maybe if it is possible that its a job for an experienced engineer. But to be honest i dont know for sure.

I will be adding a H.M.I soon and a Nano plc. My master Plc is a Micro 3722 v2.0 and my slaves are 3710 V2.0

Any replys will be greatly appreciated and i wont waste peoples time
I do not know your network protocol - Profibus/Modbus/Ethernet? Anyway, here is an idea... you said you are going to add an HMI. HMI such as Matsushita's GK Series or Mitsi E Series have dual drivers so you can add a PLC to the HMI and then protocol swap in the HMI to get back onto Profibus/Modbus by using the I/O swap function.