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Kostas Karatidis

I am looking for temperature calibrators (RTD, T/C). Can anybody send me any additional information about specific companies.

Wayne Shimanis Vortex Technologies, Inc.


Check out Omega Engineerings Catalog. They have a fairly large selection, wide range of specs, and prices.

Wayne Shimanis
Vortex Technologies, Inc
Techne also makes a heck of a calibrator. I played with one yesterday for the first time, and I am really impressed. It is actually relatively easy both to use and learn to use. First time I'd played with a temperature calibrator in some time, too, and I picked it up in about a half hour. Didn't have to read no stinkin' manual, neither.

Techne USA
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Walt Boyes

Walt Boyes -- Director of New Business Development
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Seattle, WA 98108-0307
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Curt Wuollet

Hi Kostas

Distilled water works well for a two point calibration @ 0 and 100 C. I'm not sure who makes it ;^)

Curt Wuollet,
One does not calibrate T/C RTD ...
but only checks their reading v/s a reference.
The answers above are adequate if the accuracy of
the oven is about 10 times greater than the device you are checking. For more information on the International Temperature
Scale and on how to reproduce, then you have to enter into the ISO 1990 Its quite a job.
I understand that your oven will help in throwing away the doubtfull ones T/C RTD ...
How doubtfull ?
That kind of checking is very tricky:
You must take into account the overall accuracy of the system e.g: T/C, extension, the A/D.
Three leads RTD terminating on two bidge card and some lenght of cabling brings several deg C error.
As I spent part of my life in hot and cold, I will be glad helping more precisely.
[email protected]