Temperature control for greenhouse


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ok heres what im trying 2 do in real simple terms, IM building an indoor garden/greenhouse I have x10 tecnology currently. In the garden/greenhouse i would need to automate what the temp is 24/7 as well as the humidity. Ive come up with my own inexpensive way to automate the watering system but the really the only other thing i would LOVE to get automated would be a moisture meter so once it gets to a predetermined level of dryness the sprinkler system would kick in. Also while i have you guys/ladies here i would also like a sensor that is put in a 5 gallon water tank that once it gets dry only a little led or tiny light appears letting me and only me know its time to refill the water reservoire. In short the first sentence i said was a complete lie (lol) theres nothing short about what i just said but it is to the point & has alot of info i hope can help solve this perplexing problem if you all need more info email me ill help as best i can =) thanks berto
hello derto.
i am mohsen .
can i have your email adress?
my email address is [email protected].
i am undergraduate student in control eng.
my final project is about intelligent greenhouse.
may be i can help you or you can help me.