Temperature controllers used in refineries (petroleum)?


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I am doing BE ( electronics and communication engineering) and i am doing my final year project in VLSI design. In that I am designing controllers.
I have a doubt whether temperature controller
is used in petroleum refineries or not? ie.,
at the outlet of several byproducts like kerosene , diesel , gasoline , etc at different
specified temperature ranges in the fractional distillation column.
waiting for a reply soon...

Mehmet Kahraman

Dear Ganesh,

I think you are asking this questions for single or multy loop controllers.
Distributed control systems (DCS) common temperature controllers for Hydro Carbon industry. Terefore may be you couldn't find any
application regarding temperature control for controllers. Theorically there is no problem for a single, dual or multiloop controllers. But
you will have some problems with those devices for redundancy (what will you do for device failures), for communications and emergency
shutdown procedures. Another problem is control algorithm will not meet Hydrocarbon process requirements.generally temperature is not a
single variable for hydrocarbon process controls. You can research DCS platform for your project.

Mehmet Kahraman
MK Industrial Marketing Inc.
Temperature controllers are used in refineries. They are used in sensing & controlling temperature at different locations.