Temperature sensor with Modbus TCP ?


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Marc Godon

I prefer to find a sensor with Modbus TCP Port because the only network available in this area of my project is an Ethernet network. But if i found one with Modbus Serial Port, i will need to install a Modbus-to-Ethernet Bridge like the CEV300.

Michael J. Maher National Automation Su

I believe you will be hard pressed at this time for a temperature sensor with built in ethernet port. More available are modules to which
you can connect several analog signals and have the module communicate to your central location. The Schneider Electric Momentum modules with the ethernet communication adapter would fit into this mode. Likewise, products are available from PCE Procon Electronics which also fit this bill ( "http://www.proconel.com/modmux.htm":http://www.proconel.com/modmux.htm ).

Use an Momentum I/O base for thermocouple or rtd's whatever you prefer and then use an ethernet comm adapater.

Jim Kopetsky

Would appreciate if this reply was forwarded to the right person.

My company, Ipsil ( "www.ipsil.com":http://www.ipsil.com ), is currently beta testing a low-end TCP/IP controller which, among other things, talks Modbus TCP/IP over Winsock. One of our first application notes involves hooking up a I2C temperature sensor (an LM75) to the controller/webserver.

-- Jim