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Andre Pablo G. Fausto

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to connect two temp. transducer to 1 rtd sensor?

The real objective of the question is to remotely monitor the temperature of a substation transformer. Big transformers usually have a temperature gauge. So the output of the RTD goes to the temp. gauge. Now, we need to maintain the temp. gauge and somehow place a transducer device to get a 4-20mA output.

Or, do we really need to disable the existing gauge and replace it with a temp. gauge with a 4-20mA output?


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Pierre R. Hinse CET

Are you sure it is an RTD? Usually the temperature gauges mounted directly on transformers are either thermocouple, bulb type, or bimetal. With bulb being the most common. The easiest solution would be to mount an additional
RTD sensor with a 4-20 transmitter. Or a closed circuit camera than can zoom in on the existing gauge.

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David Bergeron

I would just replace the guage with a temperature indicating transmitter (TIT). This device will indicate the temperature locally as well as
transmit the 4-20mA signal.

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Both you did not answer the question.
You can parallel the output of the transmitter.
But can you connect two XTR's to the same RTD ?
Not sure. The type of XTR has something to do.
Check it in the lab with same RTD and XTR or get info from the supplier of the XTR

i want the details regarding temperature transmitter of 4-20 ma output signal for the following types.
thermocouple:k typ
rtd :pt100