Terminal blocks fitted with resistors


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I am currently looking for terminal blocks that has provisions for fitting a resistance of industrial value ( say 1.7 Kohm ). I need to use this terminal block as current-limiting resistor for Foxboro Analog cards.

I have been searching via internet and other resources for last two days but I am nt able to get the desired information.

Please let me know the name of the maker, model number and link of the terminal block manufacturer website so that I can procure them right now.
I can’t see any manufacturer building a terminal block with a specific resistance value. P&B does make some plug in components for terminal blocks in the form of a snubber circuit. One is for DC as has a diode and the other is for AC with a resistor / capacitor in series. But not 1.7K

Can’t you just buy some 1.7 K Ohm and put them in the terminals?

Thanks Bob Hogg
i have removed the busbar of standard wago terminal and bought some resistors from the market and soldered those resistances on the terminal blocks........

it worked nicely.........

thanks everybody