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I need to build a messaging server that will store and forward text messages sent to it by a javaphone(a java-programmed handphone). To send messages, the javaphone is supposed to establish a connection to the server through a modem.The problem is i cannot seem able to find any information on how to establish this connection to transfer the data.Is there like any classes i could use to do this? Can COM/DCOM be used to implement this? Most of the books i have read made no mention about sending COM/DCOM objects through the Local telephone network?

I will appreciate any help that is given. Thanks for reading my article and your time. I hope you will help.
I'm not aware of the details of your project, but passing COM objects seems like a bad idea in this case. A Java phone does not support DCOM and you would encounter serious scalability problems. My generic proposal would be to pass the object representations as XML strings using web services (SOAP). Microsoft Visual Studio.NET does a great job here as well as other platforms (e.g. J2EE/EJB). If you already has COM objects in place, you could use the SOAP wrapper available for free from Microsoft. It uses either ASP pages or an ISAPI DLL.

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Look in the MSDN Help files under TAPI. There is lots of information available there.


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Actually, i have not started implementation yet. So if i use .NET, how will i send/receive SMS between the javaphone that has subscription to a mobile operator and the VC++ server which is connected to another javaphone(acts as a modem) through a serial port. Could you like recommend any books or websites that will help??

Thanks for your help Martin.