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Is there a resource for investigating electrical installations for a facility in Thailand? The kind of information we are looking for is

The most common industrial three-phase
- primary utilization voltages supplied by a utility for a factory using a 3000 KW service? - primary configurations used? ...three wire delta? ...four wire wye? ...other?
- secondary utilization voltages used for loads of 5 KW such as motors, heating, etc.
- secondary utilization voltages used for loads of 500 KW such as motors, heating, etc.
- secondary configurations used? ...three wire
delta? ...four wire wye? ...other?

- frequency of the power grid?
- common voltages used for Programmable Controller (PLC) discrete I/O points? - common voltages used for PLC analog I/O points?
- safety standards are used for industrial electrical installations? ...the US NEC? ... the European Electric Code? ... the Thai Electric Code? ...other?
- electrical equipment standards used ? ...NEMA? ...IEC? ...other?
- are electrical codes and standards homogeneous
throughout Thailand? Are there areas within Thailand with their own codes and standards?
- codes and standards requiring color codes
for equipment and wire insulation

Any help is appreciated
J. Droste
My friend in Thailand will be happy to help you. Can you call me? (905) 821-8200 ext 403. Regards, D SKINNER
the major govt owned thai utility is egat = electricity generation authority of thailand and they have a web page.

there is also an ngo called iiec = international institute for energy conservation out of washington dc, they have been many years in
thailand working on dsm, and they have their own electrical engineers. u might try them for the info.

the major vendors for electrical equipment such as schneider and abb are also in thailand and should be able to help.

I will be happy if you trust me to help you solve problem. I have experience 6 year with ABB. And now I am prepared to up level of engineering to second level. All your trouble I am studying now. Pls call me at 66-01-2533974 or [email protected]

Niwat J.