THD spectre current analysis , of stator current of PMSM drive

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So, i have question please concerning THD analysis of stator current ....... of PMSM
Convenably the fundamental frequency is selected to be 50 HZ..... in most matlab applications and or (research papers)

in my case i would undersood when i have a such control algorithme driving PMSM drive and the PMSM drive work as motor and not used for generator.

So, in most research paper there are different fundamental frequency used for every researchers , these fundamental are find in almost time different to 50 HZ ....?
you can se for example for this research paper attached below the fundamental frequency used is 66.66 in the simulated analysis thd results page 5-6 .....?
can you clrify more , why this researcher selected 66.66 diferent to 50 Hz ......;
i would be very thankful .

Two attched pics are dipected
1-for THD stator curerrent analysis
2-the parametre used for this simulation

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Unless you are involved in some sort of Warranty/Scientific requirement, I don't think you are obliged to use the procedure you described!

For many years I used a simple method, not as accurate as FFT, but reasonable for field-work, needing:
o A portable Oscilloscope.
o A piece of tissue paper and pen to trace the fundamental waveform.
o 12-point method I found in the Standard Handbook for EE's (8th Ed).
o The simplest THD description in Wikipedia.

There is just one restriction relative to the waveform:
o It must have no even harmonics, i.e., a waveform which is symmetrical about the center-line of half-cycles (typical of stator-current).

If it meets your requirement I can present it on the Forum!
Regards, Phil Corso