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Mark Erdle

The PLC Archive is a great thing, as is the A-List in general, but I'm thinking that a more focused site would be useful as a resource for day to day application work. I use SLC-500s a lot, despite their shortcomings. With this in mind I've developed The Boolean Embassy as a resource for Allen-Bradley SLC-500® users. At this point it consists of a forum for SLC-500® users to exchange programs, ideas and advice with their other users, a downloadable library of .SLC files and links to A-B's on line manuals. There's no connection between The Boolean Embassy and Allen-Bradley, except that I use SLC-500®s. I'm at the beta test stage now. I'd appreciate any and all comments from A-List subscribers. Mark Erdle

John Hopkins

The concept of mutual tech support is good, but I see that you're planning on charging a "nominal monthly membership fee" at some point in the future. I think that you'll need a much larger library of programs before anyone will pay a membership fee. At that point it depends on how much your "value added" content is worth, You say that a PDF version of each program will be available to both members and non members. I've tried a download of one of the programs on the site and at the speed that I type, the direct importation of the download into RSLogix 500, along with the customization of code and documentation was painless compared with retyping the PDF. So with useful and plentiful content you will get paying customers. But they won't like paying. People want free tech support, even if it is usually only worth what they pay for it. Nothing.