The Efficiency of Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The efficiency of ultrasonic level sensor can be improved by monitoring the fluctuation of liquid level in pump station. Although cable type liquid level sensor is still occupied the main market. Along with the increasing need of industrial sensors, traditional types of liquid level sensor will be eliminated from the market, instead is necessarily out of contact type ultrasonic liquid level sensor. Not just because of the efficiency of ultrasonic level measurement, and more importantly, when we use the ultrasonic liquid level sensor monitoring level for water pump or groundwater level, can timely access to water lifting and liquid level pressure data, is helpful for monitoring personnel to pumping station or urban water supply system can immediately make a decision and adjustment, maximum limit to reduce the adverse circumstances.
I still hear complaints about ultrasonic level measurement. Two that come to mind:

1. Air temperature surrounding the transducer is below atmospheric dewpoint. Lift station water is warmer than the air. Moisture condenses out on the transducer face. Ultrasonic transmitter goes into Loss of Echo. Same circumstances on spring days and fall days in northern climates for ultrasonics mounted outdoors doing open channel flow measurements.

2. Some child empties a whole container of kitchen dish washing detergent into the sink or toilet and the local lift station has more than a meter of soapy foam bubbles (at least that's the speculation for where periodic foam comes from).

The contribution of head by a foam layer to a level measurement by a submersible hydrostatic head pressure transmitter is negligible, whereas foam is a serious problem for ultrasonic transmitter.