The Great Fieldbus Debate - ISA/99


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Jim Pinto

The Great Fieldbus Debate - is Over!

The Fieldbus Debate was one of the best attended sessions
at ISA TechExpo/99 in Philadelphia.

Yours truly - was the moderator, with a
blue-ribbon roster of speakers, including 3 major Suppliers
(Invensys, Fisher-Rosemount and Zoneworx) and 3 significant
end-users (GM, Philip Morris and Shell).
Many people felt that it was simply a chorus of "I Did It My Way!"

Dick Caro, Chairman of the SP-50 and IEC Fieldbus committees
gave his frank opinion of "The Fieldbus Wars" and threatened
to resign his chairmanship if no progress is made soon.
Watch for direct results within weeks !

Read the summary report on the debate and its important
conclusions on line at :

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