The Honeywell Saga


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Jim Pinto

Automation Listers: The Honeywell saga started first as the sale of IAC (controls division) to Siemens, then the merger of "the whole enchilada" with United Technologies and then ended a couple of days later with the sale to GE - it all happened in less than a week! In these days of fast-moving events, this is a story that is as exciting an any. Few industry journals and financial newspapers tell the whole, unbiased background and story. Industrial Controls Intelligence & Plant Systems Report, November '00 has the Honeywell sale as its front-page story, followed by "Pinto Prognostications on the Honeywell Saga". It's in your mailbox this week. Read it on the web at : You can also get a .pdf file version (size 48k) at : Cheers: jim ----------/ Jim Pinto email : [email protected] web: San Diego, CA., USA ----------/