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My article from START magazine, May 00 - The Intelligent, Connected Appliance - is on the web at :

Personal computers (and embedded equivalents) are already providing intelligence and connectivity in all but the smallest applications. With connection to an expanding network infrastructure, each network-node becomes intelligent and connected - bringing totally new functionality.

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The fact is, these connected appliances are already here in the industrial automation world. Even in the "lowly" world of industrial water treatment, TCP/IP over Ethernet and even TCP/IP over dialup is already here. LMI division of Milton Roy is introducing/has introduced a boiler controller that is Web-enabled already.

The huge advantage of web-enabled equipment is obvious.

There is a company called 2Bot ( which, if they can get their act together, may revolutionize the way we
manufacture things. They have developed a web-based milling machine that can be used as a "printer analog" or can be controlled as part of a "web-based" control system. One manufacturer who has looked at it said, "<Expletive deleted> we
can just give each of our machinists one of these and a PC and send them home to do piecework!"

A return to cottage-industry manufacturing? This time with all the ability of a complete factory floor, just without the floor.

A wild ride is ahead, friends.

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