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Mario de Sousa

Hello all,

I have just committed the first working version of the synch library.

I have not yet implemented the mapping between the simpler config file syntax and the complete petri net specification syntax. That will come

Have a look at the linuxplc.conf file in /lib/util to get an idea of how to configure the petri net.

I have updated the plctest program to allow testing the synch library.
We now have two new options:
plctest -w <synchpt_name> --> will wait
on the specified synchpt.
plctest -l --PLCmodule=<module_name> --> will run an infinite
loop calling plc_loop_beg() and plc_loop_end()

The plc_loop_xxx() functions will synchronize with the synch points specified by the name=value pairs "loopbeg" and "loopend" under the
<module_name> section. If this is left unspecified then it will synch with the null synchpt that always returns without any delays.

Sorry, don't have any more time to explain further. Maybe tomorrow.


Mario J. R. de Sousa [email protected]

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