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Could somebody highlight what are the parameters that could be of interest for data viewing and controls while implementing an SCADA project for and Thermal Power Plant. Also brief up the general process in brief. Regards jateen

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Let's start at the beginnning. What type of Thermal Power Plant are you studying? Is it a Gas turbine, a steam turbine, or a combined cycle unit? It is a little hard to explain the process without knowing more information. Regardless of the type, you will probably be interested in the combustion controls and the turbine controls. Fuel flow, Air Flow, and Generator Output are always essential. Give me some more information, and I can probably provide more specifics.
all details of steam turbine plant like, fuel consumption fuel flow air flow combustion&turbine control boiler efficiency turbine efficieny over all plant efficincy

from national power training institute

>i am studying post graduate diploma in thermal power plant engg in national thermal power plant engineering.the course contents are listed as follows: 1.theory classes in the followig topics: a.power plant familiarisation. b.power plant operation. c.power plant maintenance. d.power plant protection. e.power plant protection. f.power plant safety. 2.scheme tracing. 3.on-job trianing(operation). 4.on-job trianing(maintenance). 5.simulator training. (ALL THE ABOVE TRAINING WAS DONE AT THE FOLLOWING PLANT) THERMAL STATION -2 (NEYVELI LIGNTE CO.,) PLANT DETAILS: 1.unit capacity:210 MW. 2.boller type:lignite fired;balanced draft ;single pass;reheat. 3.turbine : 3 cylinder;regenerative.