Thermocouple interface in computer


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i'll will interface the thermocouple to the personal computer. how can we do it. i know that we need a analog to digital converter but is
there any card that i can use as an interface. is there any manufacturer that make this product?

Brian Howerton

Take a look at the products from National Instruments. We use their TC cards and Labview software. The software is good for all other kinds of instrumentation as well.

Koen Verschueren

Advantech has a PCI card for a PC (PCI-1710). With the screw terminal board (PCLD-8710) you can connect every type of thermocouple. The terminal board has a cold junction compensation input. "":
Other data acquisition cards can be found at "": .
Beckhoff has a solution with external components you can connect to a serial port, USB, Ethernet, ... KL3312 is a thermocouple input bus terminal and BK9000 is a bus coupler for ethernet, BK9500 for USB, ...