Thermocouple Tables in Electronic Format


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Richard Daniel

I have the standard thermocouple tables in electronic format, suitable for import to Excel, etc. The files are all generated from the NIST polynomials, and are in ASCII comma separated values (.csv) format. Each type consists of 2 columns, one for temperature and one for the corresponding microvolts. All the common types are included. If you would find this useful, respond to me at [email protected] and I'll send them via email. Rick Daniel intelligent Instrumentation
Thank you Richard:
The coefficients for the pertaining segments are listed at the end of NBS 125 and the longer segments at the begining of the corresponding T/C.
If you have more recent than NBS 125 (March 1974)
I am interested
[email protected]

About Excel runing for instance 14 th order polynomial, I would check with Microsoft.
I have downloaded the NIST doc and would appreciate your xcel table for tc/emf J K and T

will do some testing and revert