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Looking for information regarding K-type thermocouples for EGT applications. The more specific the better. Links to reference sites ok, but not to omega as I have been there already.
This web site has the best links to some T/C information. Check it out - it goes deep.

I guess you have a gauge on hand ready for the T/C. You will want to be around 1200 to 1300 deg. F right? I'm hooking up such a device right now using a westtach gauge. If you email me, I can send more info on the probe. We are
using a probe with a 1/8" NPT non swivel (lower cost) going into the pipe about 1" about 6" from the engine. The next step up would be to go to an aircraft type probe that has a sheath with about 1/8" probe sticking out - much faster but double the price. Also - look at a pyrometer using in truck turbos - which is much faster again but the price goes up as well. After that you can use an RTD for almost instant response. In the end with my style - we will put some
insulation around the fitting to improve response.
Thanks Bob Hogg - [email protected]