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Mike Asztalos

My company is interested in using this company's
product. I would like to know what users in field
have to say about its use and ability to control.
Mike Asztalos

Peter Nachtwey

I have worked with Think&Do quite a bit. First it is reliable, inexpensive ( none of this charge by the tag stuff ), and fast. There are applcations like machine control that are easier to write and debug using a flow chart type of programming. The frustrating part is that the edit tools are simple, crude and inconsistant. Sometimes you can only cut instead of delete. Invalid options aren't always grayed out so you click on options and wonder why something isn't happening. Little things like that are frustrating when getting started. Once you get the hang of it is is not too bad but editing a big project can be tedious because of the limited editing capabilities. The flaws will not cause a signicant increase in developement time. Over all the first three points I made dominate. There is a new version coming out based on Visio soon.


Hi....I'm a systems integrator in Matamoros today I have installed 6 different applications in my area and every one its totally different ....They are working very good.......
I have ben using Think&Do for last ten years and the one of the problems I am seeing is that you must have old computer technology to support the software. I was told that Think&do will newer run in 64 bit windows operating system!!

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

James Ingraham

Not surprising. My company tried Think & Do for a little while, but gave up on it. We have about half a dozen systems out there with it, and I dread getting support calls on them. Of course, with modern computing power T&D will run just fine in a Virtual Machine. In fact, all of our systems were on a version of T&D that won't run on XP, so I keep a Win2K virtual machine ready for those dreaded calls.

I'm afraid Think & Do, Steeplechase, and other PC-based flowchart programming systems are a dead end. If it's not IEC 61131-3, it's not accepted. And these days almost all PC-based control systems are from a vendor that does the hardware as well as the software. e.g. Beckhoff, B&R, Kuka, etc.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.