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I have a completed project in Think & Do HMI software version 5.4. Can this be imported in RSView32 without having to rebuild all the screen
items and redefing their attributes?
I encountered this same problem in October for a large vacuum furnace HMI. You can import the think and do graphics from Visio into RSView and convert to native objects, but you will have to redifine all the animation. I couldnt find a way around it, so I just bit the bullet and reanimated the graphics. On the upside, since Visio supports smart object linking where the various symbols will automatically orient and align to each other, I will probably use it again
in the future to build graphics.

James Ingraham

Um, no, not that I know of.

But then, I don't know of ANY HMI package that will open any other HMI package's format. Anybody tried to open an RSView project in Wonderware InTouch or vice versa?

I think when it comes to HMI's, you don't get the kind of interoperability you might get form Word Processors. But then, the same is true of controllers. You certainly can run Think & Do code in a SLC-500, nor Modicon ladder in a
Siemens S7.

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This is a common situation in converting other system from a new one, likewise in your case you are planning to Convert Think and Do to RsView in my point of experience yes RsView can import different Graphics from any HMI software even if it comes from an Operator Interface you could still import those graphics,

But the usual attributes cannot be imported like animations, expressions, because every systems has their own proprietary capabilities and special

you could also import other database of Think and Do into RsView but first you have to check if your Think and Do has the capability to export Tags in the form of CSV Files in this way it will save you more time in counterchecking each Tag
of Think and Do againts the RsView............

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Thanks for the reply. What would be the procedure to import the graphics? How do I save it in Think and Do and how do I open it RS View?

Thanks in advance.