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Darwin Frerking

The plot thickens. Recently Think & Do announced its merger with Steeplechase (which was recently acquired by Schneider Electric) to form a new company: Entivity. I am currently specifying a Think & Do WinPLC for a machine control project and would appreciate any insight from Think & Do and Steeplechase 'stake holders' concerning product integration of the two lines. What are the strengths, weaknesses, and synergy involved? Thanks, Darwin

Anthony Kerstens

This might be interesting. Schneider (Modicon) acquired Steeplechase which was also merged with Think&Do? Can anyone at Schneider confirm this? Given the way Schneider handled Square-D PLC's, could this mean that Schneider might make a Steeplechase PC control module to control/coexist in a Modicon I/O rack??? Or have a new generation of Quantum controllers that instead of Concept mode, run in a "Steeplechase" mode???? Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Kerry L. Schrank

Think & Do and Steeplechase will be merged to form the PC-based control group within a new company, called Entivity. (See ) Entivity will offer a number of products in addition to Microsoft Visio powered PC-based control. The next product to be announced will be an on-line project collaboration service for automation projects that will be introduced in March. Entivity is an independent company backed by major Venture Capital firms and several Strategic Investors holding minority positions, including Schneider Electric and Darwin, I will call you... :) Regards, Kerry Kerry L. Schrank Think&Do Software 8631 Sea Ash Circle Round Rock, TX 78681 512-733-5811 tel 512-733-5806 fax 512-750-7662 cell
We are using Think & Do on several major projects for our firm. We have been happy with the support and Technological offerings. This, to us, is Very Good news. jfv John F. Vales Director of Technology Wes-Tech Automation Systems, Inc. [email protected]

Bill Szuminski

Yes, it's true! If you could get into the Schneider Automation (Modicon) Intranet, you would see a news release talking about this topic. I would also think it's on the Modicon web site for the Public.