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Dear Forum Memebers,

Any forum memebers having experience using the 1000 millimeter daimeter three way ball valves in the following steam conditions.
Pressre : 2 Kg/Cm2 guage
temerature : 135 Deg C
Fluid : Low pressure steam

Advise me the manufactures address for this type of control valves.


Steve Myres, PE

I've never seen a ball valve that large. In my experience, most shutoff and control valves over 4-6" pipe size or so are butterfly type. Of course this will not give three way service with a single valve, but you will need two valves operating in concert.
Here is a less expensive option for the 3-way ball valve. With Low pressure and low delta P you should find this will work nice.

Qty (2) Tomoe Tripple Offset Butterfly Valves
Qty (1) Pipe Tee
Qty (1) Acutator (Mount on one of the valves)
Qty (1) Linkage

The Tomoe is a good idea, at the laminated seat is not in the process stream. This is one of the only valves that will give you (Zero Leakage). The manufacturer will stand behind this product.

Dear Mr.Sean and Mr.Steve Myres,

Thanks for your information. We are wondering such a big valve can we link like the same arrangement. Any how we will proceed and do the same . Not possible to buy more number of actuators at this stage.

mullapudi ravindra
Dear Mr Ravindra:
Your request for information on a three-way 1000mm valve is unusual not because of the size but because for low pressure steam there are design alternatives which work better at a lower cost.

If you are interested in an alternative, please give the following information:

Face to face and center to face dimensions for the existing valve.
Flow and pressure drop parameters.
Type of actuation (on-off or modulating)
Type of actuator.
Signal used for control.
Application description.