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Alberto Lucas

I'd like to know about technical references (papers, books,etc) on how to size three-way valves. What are the criteria considered to
choose that valve instead of 2 globe valves, for instance?

Alberto Lucas

Take a look at "Manual of Pneumatic Systems Optimization" by Henry Fleischer, publshed by McGraw-Hill. Chapter six covers valves and valve
sizing. I hope this helps.


Willy Smith
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Matthew da Silva

Alberto -- I'm not an expert but I can get information from them. Just briefly, it would first of all be an economic problem, since large
(10- or 12-inch) castings are possibly not always standard line items. In such cases, it may be more economical to use two, straight-through valves. You might want to send your question also
to ISA's list (InTech Forum), since they have some very good process-control people posting there.

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Matthew, Yamatake, Tokyo
The best applications for 3-way valves are in bypass control of flow (energy conservation, slurry flow) or in diverting/blending applications. Chapters 4 and 8 in volume 2 of my handbook give both sizing and application examples.

Bela Liptak
Understanding three port valves for mixing flows,
make sure one is not too tiny versus the other. Tufine, we used them as mixing and control. We just looked at the respective cv of one port opening versus the other, so that controlling the opening of one side would relate intelligently to the closing of the other one. Otherwise she would chasse for herself.
If one flow is quite small and you doubt: then go two separate control loops cascaded and ratioed.

Mukesh Mehrishi

I think in T port of L port three way ball valve.The sizing will be sameas of your two way valve. In India Flow Chem is leading manufacturer for three way ball valve and regular suppliers to all industriel filter manufacturer and 4 way to drier manufacturer.
Three way ball valves are specified by T port of L port LL port etc. They are fabricated, casted, forged as per requirements. The sizes are1/4" to 12", In india m/s.M.Kumar Technocrates are mfg. & Exporting under Am TEchvalves brand.