TI 305 Series 04B Connection

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Dear List,

Recently we have faced with rather old Texas Instruments TI 305 Series 04B PLC.
Did anybody experience programming with this model of PLC?

Configuration consists of two racks connected to each other. CPU on the first one and TI 305 Model 03DM Data Communication Unit with RS232C option on the second. Also, a CVU 100 series Control panel is available through 25pins D Type connector(socket). Beside 25pin D Type socket, data communication unit also has a 26way BT224 style socket. I have been informed that TISOFT could be used as a programming language on this PLC.

I am familiar with TI505 series programming. The only thing is the connection with my PC to this PLC.

Do you have the connection cable details, and any other tricks!


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Requires a special adapter. I would have to look as we have not used it in years. We keep it for the existing systems that may need service.