TI 435 Programming Help Needed


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Alan Gravelin

I have an undocumented program running in a TI 435 (Siemans Simatic TI 435). The program for the machine is turning on a fault light indicating the machine has issues. The language for the PLC is not straight ladder and I am having a difficult time figuring it out. It appears inputs are read into the accumulator worked on spit out into control bits worked on by ladder and then put into the acumulator, worked on and then spit out as outputs. What is the easist way to deciper this? [email protected]
That PLC was made by Koyo in Japan and it and its successors are now marketed by AutomationDirect.com in Georgia.

I feel for you, having a machine that has an undocumented program in it. It feels like having a sword hanging over your head just waiting for the day it breaks down and you have to fix it RIGHT NOW! I don't know that I'd say it's "not straight ladder", but I agree that the accumulator-centricity can take some getting used to, as can the octal addressing and the predominance of BCD numbers in most of the instructions.

But AutomationDirect.com still has software, cables, etc., and their programming manuals are very good and would apply. That's all I can suggest or else trying to find an integrator in your area that's already comfortable with their paradigm and have him reverse engineer the program.