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Marco Telmex

Can you use Direct software to communicate with the ti 305 series CPU 330?. if I have the tisoft2 and i wanto to communicate to the plc 330 do
I need the DCU (Digital Communication Unit). I so, do you know the siemens part number to communicate with a RS232 serial port of a PC

Yes, Directsoft will communicate with the Ti305-330. Yes, you need a DCU (Siemens TI30503DM is the RS-232 version) but the Automation Direct D3-232-DCU is more available. Purchase the appropriate PC-DCU cable from Automation Direct as well or use the info on their web page to make your own cable.

TiSoft2 was available for the Ti305, Ti405, and the Ti500/505 series. Make sure you have the proper series since they are not inter-compatible. If you are not familiar with TiSoft note the space bar is used to toggle between 2 or more sets of functions displayed at the bottom of the screen. A '+' at the right of the screen indicates there are other operations available on an alternate screen. TiSoft is a DOS program and generally doesn't run all that well in Windows.

Bill M