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Paul Darby


Has anyone used the Simatic TI Profibus RBC card to set up a TI505 rack as a remote Profibus I/O base?
The card is part no. PPX:505-6870.

What I hope to do is change out the TI555 CPU and use a Delta-V Profibus interface card to communicate with the existing I/O in the 505 rack by installing the Profibus RBC.


Paul Darby
There should be no real problems with this - it does what it says on the tin.

Get the appropriate GSD/GSE file from the Siemens web-site, bring it in to your Profibus configurator and carry on from there. When configuring the base you will have a selection of all the supported modules which can be placed there, and then let your Delta-V perform the specific address mapping it needs to read/write them.
The main restriction is that modules which Texas Instrument & Siemens considered 'Special Function' modules are normally not supported over the DP interface. This means things like a Tiway NIM, the self-contained BASIC computer etc won't work. The reason for this is that most of these SF modules used DMA (direct memory access) to get/put info in the 5x5 CPU. This mechanism can't be supported on Profibus - it all has to be done through the I/O image register. Standard digital in and out, and analogue in and out should be no problem.

Steve Myres, PE

This won't help you but I did the opposite one time: scanned remote S5 racks with a scanner in a 555 rack. Just trying to help. ;-)

Ged Guinnane

The TI505 cpu has an optional Profibus DP port which would allow you to maintain local control with monitoring and control through the fieldbus.