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Hello all,

I am trying to retrieve a TIA V13 project (extension of the file is .zap13). I am getting the error "General input/output error on the data medium". How can this be solved? Does this mean the archived .zap13 file is corrupted? How can I open this project?

Thanks in advance.

<b>Moderator's Note:</b> looks like he's talking about a Siemens PLC
TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portal is not Siemens PLC but software package for Siemens PLC, HMI & drives.

"TIA Portal is a new concept of integrated project configuration. As a uniform engineering platform, it is for programming and configuring the control, visualization systems and driving solutions. WinCC software in the TIA Portal applies to all of the HMI application, from the use of panel of the simplest solution to the SCADA application on the multi-user system based on PC"

Sounds to be a corrupt zip file. Try expanding manually to see if it can be repaired.