time delay relay trigger voltage


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Hello. Is there a range of triggering voltages for an on-delay time delay relay? I'm thinking of using AB unit 700-FEA1SU22. I would like the delay to start at 1 volt.

Thx for any info you can send my way.

I am confused about your question. a Delay on or off timer is a very simple device and allows you to switch a seperate voltage by setting the timer to a delay on or delay off function. The timer is active and the time delay starts to time when you apply a main supply voltage to it's coil and these coils normally require 24VDC or 110 to 240VAC. Obviously they come in various sizes and supply voltages and you will normally buy them with a rating and supply voltage for the circuit you will use them on.

If you supply less than the rated supply voltage to the coil the timer will not work.

a Relay is not the same as a transistor since it seems like that this is what you are trying to find out. The principle is the same in that you apply a separate voltage to a transistor's gate to switch a control voltage through the collector and emitter legs and with a relay you supply a voltage to its coils and then switch a separate control voltage though the relay's contacts. The relay timer is the same but in this case you can set the time delay on/off before the control voltage is switched. Simple as that. On any relay or relay timer you wil see a A1 and B1 terminal or something similar. This will be the coil that you need to energize. On any relay or timer you will also see a small drawing that will show you which terminals are the coil and which terminals to use for the contacts and reset functions.