time for corrective action in boiler control system

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prakash nateswaran

i would like to know, how long will it take to realise the corrective action taken to bring the steam pressure to the nominal value, after a 10% is decreased due to increase in load.
the corrective action if it is taken at the auxllaries of the boiler like, increasing feeder
stroke or changing fuel input, etc.

Johan Bengtsson P&L Automatik AB

Hmm, if I understood the question right:

That depends on the tuning, and of course on
the boiler itself. No easy answer exist unless
you give more specific information.

It is possible to give a rough calculation based
on the process model and the tuning.

If you have one at hand it is probably easier to
test it in reality than to calculate it. If you
don't then there is no answer since the dynamics
of the boiler itself play a major role in this.

/Johan Bengtsson

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I suggest you visit www.SimTechnology.com
They have an excellent package on boiler simulation that may help you. If Mr Prakash Natarajan is in India, I can loan the SW to him.
Best Regards.