"time-proportioning control"


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Is there someone that knows if there any studies on "time-proportioning control"?

In particular i need to know:
- Is there any teorical law (non pratical) to choose time-cycle?
- How time cycle affect the controller perfomance (I use PID)?

I need need urgently those informations ... PLEASE, HELP ME!!!
Yes, the rule is that the cycle time must be shorter than 1/12 the Integral TC. There are many caviats to this, however. Some TP algorithms are constant cycle time at 50% duty cycle but corrupt to a longer cycle time as
you stray from 50%. Some widen immediately while others widen once you hit a minimum ON time or minimum OFF time setting. This implies that the loop will begin to oscillate once you stray from 50%.

There are other things to consider. In principle, the cycle time should be as short as the actuator will allow. If you are using a solid state contactor then use 100 msec as the cycle time. For Mercury contactors run around 5 seconds and for mechanical contactors the defaults usually run 20 second.

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This denomiation has no meaning. It comes out from some half smart cat to lose the user. They all revert to PID. It might bug the