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Hi guys,

Do you know how to get time stamp information of Floboss S600 event and historian that using Modbus Communication Protocol? So I can collect S600 event and historian, include with their time stamp.


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Modbus has no standard way to manage a time-stamped event queue.

So read the FloBoss manual - many Modbus flow/batch computers use a proprietary "Vendor Function" to create a queue of events. So although Modbus "transports" the info, it has no role in making the comms standard.

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The alarms and events logged are retrieved from S600 using Modbus Enron protocol. Report configuration assures the data being retrieved, with their time stamps.

I'm not sure whether this should answer your question...

You will have to configure the Modbus list in the S600 for this purpose. In the list, configure the register, select SYSTEM->KPINTARR->TIME AND DATE->CUR.YEAR... Similarly you can have the other details for month, seconds... You will need 6 registers.