time stamp using proximity sensors


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Also, please include the estimated range of cost for each components. Thank you very much.
Although I am unclear of your desired goal, here it goes:

Need to identify when a box passed a particular sensor and print onto box via

Use a micro-PLC (Automation Direct DL-05 with a real time clock option). The pseudocode program would read
1) Sense box
2) Get date/time from cpu
3) Time delay to print in correct pos'n on box.
4) Print to inkjet (ASCII output via serial port)
5) Wait for next box

DL05 $100, realtime clock $40, inkjet ?

I have used the DL05 extensively and find it a nice processor but do not rule out A/B Micrologic and others. Good luck

Thanks for the prompt reply. What I want to actually achieve is to be able to record the time duration it takes a device to pass from one
sensor to the next. The time stamps recorded will be viewed in the frequency distribution format. This will be used for preventive
maintenance of the equipment. Also, goal is to identify which part of the equipment lags behind and the bottlenecks. For now, what i only
have are proximity sensors. What other components to i need to have a set-up that has this capability? How much would each cost?
Thank you very much.