Time Synchronizing

Correspondence seems to be heading in a too-ponderous direction. I thought of one of my ms (mis not Micro-Soft) adventures:

Years ago I was Utilities Manager w/ Celanese Corporation. The plant was located in the Iron-Bound district of Newark, NJ. An-aside: Called
Iron-bound because area was surrounded by railroads.

One day, a neighborhood representative visited for a favor. He asked, "Could you have your steam plant "sound" the steam whistle as a wake-up
alarm for those people that worked in the plant.

Neighborhood PR was high on the agenda in those days, so I arranged for the shift operators to activate the steam whistle every morning at 6:30
am. Furthermore, so that we were in sync with the neighbors, I advised the operators that they were to use the very large clock visible on the
Ballantine Brewery's tower. Within a 1/2 mile of our plant, it was also visible to the neighborhood.

One morning, about 4 years later, I received a call from Ballantine's Chief Engineer. He asked "Is you plant down?" I replied "Yes, why do you ask?" "Oh" he responded "We use your whistle to set the clock on our tower!"

Phil Corso, PE
(Boca Raton, FL)