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The time of HMI and MKV processors is the same but it is not correct. How can I adjust it?

How old is the HMI?

When did this problem start?

What makes you think the problem is TIMESYNC.DAT?

Does the unit get a master time signal from a IRIG-B or "GPS" time source?

Does the HMI use NTP? If so, what color is the NPT icon in the System Tray?

YES the unit get a master time signal from a IRIG-B. HMI/Mark V time differ from the proper time 6 MIN.

Is there a clock/watch icon in the MS-Windows System Tray (at the far lower-right corner of the display, next to the HMI time)?

If so, what color is the icon--white or green or red?

I have a suspicion that the Time Synchronization feature is not set up correctly--it's getting a time signal from the time synch card, and NOT from the input to the card (I think using the card instead of the IRIG-B input is called "free-wheeling" but I'm not certain of that; it's been a long time since I've troubleshot a problem like this).

It would have been REALLY helpful if you'd answered the question about how old the HMI is? (Knowing what version of MS-Windows the HMI is running would help a lot....) Because if it's a newer HMI, running MS-Windows 7 or newer, and it's running ControlST/WorkstationST, it might have a different configuration/setup than an older HMI running MS-WindowsXP or something even older.

If it's WinXP or older, there should be a Control Panel Applet called TCI, and one of the tabs of TCI should be for the Time Synchronization configuration. Can you check that and tell us what buttons are selected?

There should be a folder on the HMI called DATA (on older HMIs it would be on the G: drive). In that folder there should be a generic, or template, version of TIMESYNC.DAT. (And you didn't tell us why you put TIMESYNC.DAT in the Subject line of this thread, either....) You can compare the file date/time stamps of the two files (the one in the DATA folder and the one in the root of the SITE folder (F:\ if the HMI is older). If the one in the root of the SITE folder is newer than the one in DATA, then someone, at some time, made some changes to TIMESYNC.DAT. SOMETIMES, they put a note and date in the file about why the changes were made. (TIMESYNC.DAT is an ASCII text file; it can be opened and examined/read using MS-Windows Notepad. Just be sure NOT to save any unintended changes when exiting the file.)

You can copy the contents of the file to the MS-Windows Clipboard or copy the file to a removable drive, and then paste the contents of the file in a response to this thread. That would also be very helpful--but, also tell us if the file-date time of the file in the root of the SITE folder was different from that in the DATA folder.

That's about all I can offer, based on the information provided. You can try going to a command prompt and using the TIME command to change the time to match the correct time, but I don't think that ultimately will correct the problem. We just need more information.
thank you but can change date and time in R. S.T.C IN MKV .


Then I don't understand the problem as presented.

If the time is coming from an IRIG-B master time source device then it should be picked up by the time synch card in the HMI and communicated to BOTH the HMI AND the Mark V. So, it seems something is amiss with the signal or the time synch card or the configuration files in the HMI. And, if you could change the time/date in the Mark V directly, that's NOT going to resolve the root cause of the problem. But, hey, your gaz turbine is rated at 90 MW, who am I to tell you what to do or how to fix it.

I think there was a command in G:\EXEC called TIMESET.EXE or TIMESET.COM, something like that. And that could be used to set the time, possibly even the date, in the Mark V from the command line. But, again, it's been a LONG time since I've mucked with a problem like this.

And, since my turbine isn't 90 MW, I probably don't have the right answer anyway.

Again, if the unit's time synchronization option is properly configured, the master time source is connected to the time synch card in the HMI. That signal is picked up by the time synch card and communicated to the HMI and the Mark V(s) on the StageLink. So, if the time signal is the same on both the HMI AND the Mark V, but it's not the same time signal as being sent by the master time source, then something is wrong with the either the master time source's output, the cable connecting the master time source to the time synch card of the HMI, the time synch card of the HMI, or the configuration of the time synch option in the HMI. To my way of thinking (remember, though, I don't have a 90 MW gaz turbine), if the time is the same on both the HMI and the Mark V then either the signal is not getting from the master time source to the time synch card (cable; connectors; master time source output), or there is a problem with the time synch card. If the time is the same on both the HMI and the Mark V then it would appear the time synch configuration is correct on the HMI--but it's not getting or recognizing the signal from the master time source, for whatever reason.

Finally, it's a safe bet this was working for some time (years, probably) and it has started not working. So, something has changed or failed or is intermittently failing. Troubleshooting is often a process of elimination--and it sounds like that's the case for this situation.

Best of luck! Please write back to let us know how you fare in resolving the problem(s).

<b>*</b>(By the way, the size of your gaz turbine isn't important to this problem.)