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Graham Patten

Can anybody help me find two things? :
- a very small (we're talking millimeters here) two position switch that requires minimal force to click back and forth.
- a fairly small, but very lightweight remote control system or kit that will activate 3 or 4 small relays. (I am interested in either infrared or radio)
The remote control system can be easily obtained by using Opto 22's Ethernet or WLAN Ethernet solutions with their SNAP-Relays. However, I cannot help you with the small two position switch.

Rene Gamero
Opto 22
You might visit a hobby shop and look at small limit switches and the remote controls for model aircraft, cars etc. Amazing stuff for the prices last time I looked.

Vince Dooley


Johan Bengtsson

I don't know what application you are talking about but intead of the switch, could it be possible to use a reflection detector (ie a LED and photodiode in the same chip facing the same surface, when the surface is close enough and bright enough the photodiode is activated)

It is probably easier to find a small detector liek that than a mechanical switch, and the force needed would be really minimal since it would be as close zero as is possible.

Otherwise the smallest I have seen is 4.5x4.5mm, 1N (is that small and low force enough?)
availiable at http://www.elfa.se
art no 35-657-51

/Johan Bengtsson

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Responding to Graham Patten's query:

Smallest switch (actually a pushbutton used to reset a DIN-rail mounted module) that I used was approximately 3 mm in diameter. It was
manufactured by Wilbrecht Electronics Inc., in St. Paul, MN.

However, because I couldn't get a sealed version, I switched, excuse the pun, to a "Hall" switch that you will find in almost all keyboards.

Phil Corso, PE
(Boca Raton, FL)