Tire Changer power connections


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What will happen if the tire changer w/ an AC 230V 3 phase 60 Hz supply be connected to
an AC380-400, 3 phase 50 hz line? The equipment has an option for a 400 VAC, 60 hz connection.

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For the voltage difference you should use a three phase tranformer ie 3X415v primary to 3X220 v secondary. As for 60Hz on 50Hz supply it will make AC induction motors run at slower speed ie 6:5 ratio. If the machine has 400V connection then this should be OK!
NOTE: The tranformer must supply enough current (AMPS) for the total load of the machine.

Jason Halligan

If the machine is 400V compatable, you need to change the motor conections from Delta to Star.
At 50Hz the machine will run 20% slower than design(not normally a problem with these machines).

Assuming there is no electronic stuff, you will have to check contactor coil voltages, and should be sweet.

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