Tire Temperature/Pressure


Would you have by any chance the web site for the company called Genesis that has the system to monitor tires. I tried www.genesis.co.uk but they make mouses.

> There is a company in England called Genesis who manufacture and sell a system. You mount a sensor to the rim inside the tyre. This has an aerial which transmits pressure and temp to a receiver on the vehicle body. It is programmable so that you know which sensor is on which corner. ...<clip>

McConnell, David P

According to yesterdays tv news, these devices will be mandated on all vehicles produced, starting somewhere in the near future. Ford or somebody has them ready to go. The gov't has decided that improper and or unbalanced tire pressures are a real and present danger. For once they may be right!

There will probably be a number of sources real soon.

Dave McConnell


Mandy Bromley

Our team of design engineers designed the F1 tyre pressure monitoring system sold by Genesis (and others) to F1 Teams.

Our designs have been trialled on large vehicles with great success. The Transport Research Laboratory in the UK uses our system for tyre

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