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I have a copy of TISoft for DOS running on Windows 95. The software still works great, but I am having difficulties printing the ladder logic and documentation on my Canon bubble jet printer.

Hooking up an old dot matrix printer is not an option.

Anyone know how I can make the bubble jet think its a dot matrix ?
This might help, if I remember procedure.
1) Print all to file, .txt.
2) Open file in word processor.
3) Select all text, convert to non-proportional font.
4) Save and print.

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Allen Maddix

It may be to late now but... You can set up your printer to print from MS-DOS programs by going to [Start][Settings][Printers]. When the printers dialog box opens click on [Add printer]. Add exactly the same printer you have now but when it asks you if you want to print from MS-DOS programs click yes and continue with the install. Make this your default printer. It should now print OK.
I havent really tried this with a cannon printer, but you can goto mycomputer->printers->add printer->choose "generic" from list of manufacturers.Use this as default printer.Print see what will happen (If you're still into it). :)

Tony R. Gunderman

We do this in Windows NT to HP inkjet printers, but the process can be done the same way in Windows 95. Create a batch file that has the following line in it: copy %1 lpt1: /b where lpt1: specifies the printer port. This can be a local port or a mapped network port. The /b option allows printer escape codes to be sent correctly. I named my batch file PrintDOS.bat. For ease of use, move this file to the directory c:\windows\sendto or drag it to the desktop. Then, if desired, right click on the batch file, select properties, and select Properties, and then select the Program tab. Check Close on Exit. Now, you have a generic drag and drop printer connection. Set TISOFT up to print to a file. You should be able to use the extended character set or not (your choice), but be sure to use line feeds and form feeds. Execute the print command in TISOFT. Now all you have to do (if you put it in the sendto folder) is right click on the file name and select SendTo and then select PrintDos.bat. I hope this helps. Tony R. Gunderman Arkansas Eastman Division Eastman Chemical Company