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Does anybody know how to configure TM_OPEN_NT for communication to TELEPERM M and how to read data from it using any programming languages?
Hi Jiman.

First of all I think you are opening up a big can of worms with this one.

Teleperm M systems communicate to the their SCADA system via the CS275 bus system. You would need to get hold of a NAT-PCI card to connect your PC to the CS275 bus via a bus coupler (very expensive). You would then need the Siemens channel DLL. To get this you will have to buy a license from Siemens. This license determins which AS types you will be talking to.

Then you would need to buy a SCADA package called WinCC/TM (and all the necessary licenses). It contains wizards that will allow you to configure connections to the AS stations you wish to talk with. This also handles all the alarm status' and hand shaking that takes place. Beware, Siemens only gaurantee this for systems that are at least Variant E i.e. AS235/AS488.

Now you will have to build the block structures. This you will have to get from the AS ORPA structures. You must remember that each parameter will now act as one tag, and that each tag will add load to the CS275 bus which has a baud rate of 250 KBits/sec if I remember correctly. The number of tags you can configure is determined by the license that you purchase from Siemens.

Now you will have to create the block instances manually of all the data you wish to get. Some of these tasks can be done with wizards if you have a PROGRAF station.

Your WinCC/TM server acts as a OPC server. You will probabely have to also buy the data bridge to be able to get this data on another machine.

From here you can write your program to get the data from the WinCC server and display it as you want. With the newer versions of WinCC9 (>v6.0) you can query the data using SQL.

I have heard that there is Norwegian company that has written a channel driver for the CS275 bus, but I have not been able to find out anything about it.

In either case you are going to have to use the NAT-PCI card and a bus coupler. The bus information can be obtained in PDF format from Siemens at You will just have to do a search for CS275 bus manual. There are also manuals that will explain the block structure etc and how to get it into WinCC/TM.

This manual will also give you the pin-outs for making up a cable to connect the WinCC station to the local bus. So as you can see this quite an expensive exercise.


Craig Fawkes