TMR MKV panel with HMI showing only two cores


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In the TMR MKV panel with HMI in windows2000 operating system the diagnostic counters when opened is showing only two cores i.e. <C> and <R> but not the other two processors <S> and <T>.

The above problem was noticed when I was trying to check the power supply for the MKV cores as there is some alarm related to the core power supply of the <T> processor.

I would like to know as this is a TMR panel why only two processors are shown in the diagnostic counters instead of all the four processors. Is there any way to disply all the four cores in the above display. Any information on the above matter would be of great help to me.

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You are the victim of poor configuration from the GE factory, and a poor start-up.

Many Mark Vs either retrofitted with GE Mark V HMIs or originally shipped with GE Mark V HMIs were not properly configured from the factory. There is a file (and I'm sorry I don't recall which one it is as I don't have access to any Mark V files as I write this) which DIAGC uses to know how to obtain and display the information from the Mark V. The file, as shipped from the factory, was usually only configured for a SIMPLEX Mark V.

The start-up TA should have caught this during the installation and properly configured the file for the TMR panel in use at your site.

I apologize again for not remembering the name of the file, but I think it's only one of two possibilities: DIAGC.DAT, or AGENT.DAT. I think AGENT.DAT might have been used only for the I/O Configurator on <I>s, but may have been used by DIAGC.EXE on GE Mark V HMIs. But, I may be wrong about that. If the I/O Configurator is working properly on you machine, then there's probably no problem with AGENT.DAT.

DIAGC.DAT is the other file which could be improperly configured. If you open DIAGC.DAT and only find two sections, one for <C> and one for <R>, then it's a safe bet that the <S> and <T> sections are missing and need to be added.

First, save a copy of DIAGC.DAT to a file witn a unique name, say DIAGC.ORI (for ORIginial). Then, select all the lines of the <R> section, and paste them twice below the <R> section. Then edit the first section you pasted to be for <S> and the second section to be for <T>.

Save and exit DIAGC.DAT and open DIAGC. If that doesn't work, then close DIAGC, delete DIAGC.DAT and rename DIAGC.ORI to DIAGC.DAT and re-open DIAGC to make sure it still works as before.

Let us know how you fare. I'll check some old Mark V files when I'm back in the office. Again, apologies for not remembering the exact file name.

Thanks for the reply, before to try correcting the errors in the above files I would like to ask you a few points about the PROM directory and its files. When a file is modified in the PROM directory will it not create a conflict with the contents in the PROM hardware in the MKV panel? If a file in the PROM directory is modified how can it be saved in the same format .i.e .DAT format for example?

Your answers for the above would be highly appreciated.

Mean while can I assume that you are working to get the correct files to solve the problems in the MKV TMR panel I have mention in my message.